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Best Ways To Learn About Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a complex subject that can be divided into multiple subtopics. To put it simply digital marketing is marketing via electronic devices such as cellphones, personal computers, tablets, or smartphones. Digital marketers use these devices to reach to potential clients or to stakeholders in a quick and efficient manner.

The technologies that are currently applied by digital marketing include but are not limited to e-mail, classic and mobile apps, websites, social networks, SMS, and more. Most successful business use a combination of any of these options, if not all of them.


Hire an Internet Marketing Consultant

If you are just starting with your local offline business, or have established it already but your understanding of digital marketing needs polishing, a great investment that you may want to consider is hiring an expert. That’s right, a great internet marketing consultant. Nobody expects you to know everything! Marketing is a separate skill from your business, unless you earn a living as a marketer. Trying to do everything yourself, including your business and your marketing, will likely result in poorer overall quality of everything you do, simply because you will not have time to accomplish all the tasks with the high quality that is required to keep your clients happy, and gain new clients. These two parameters, keeping clients and getting more clients,  are two different sides of the same coin, which is your business!

The Importance Of Excellent Web Design

When it comes to marketing your business on the Internet, the first idea that comes to mind is having your own website, isn’t it? More importantly, a website dedicated to your business, whether it is a product-oriented or service-oriented business. While there are many ways to set up a website for free, your business will benefit if you start looking for professional design options for your website as soon as you start filling it with content. The best websites are easy to navigate and look professional because they don’t contain too many distractions.

You see, the appearance of your site is the first impression people get when they initially land on it. Web design is one of several main components on your website that will distinguish it from the many sites of your competitors. Because web design is such a popular topic in today’s digital world, needless to say, there are various options for you to choose from when trying to budget your marketing.

If you are the do-it-yourself type of person, we have some nice tips for your website design endeavors.

Bigger is not always better. Keep the size of your photos or graphics small in order to prevent your website from loading too slowly, and thus jeopardizing the quality of your customers’ experience. If your site is loading at more than 5 seconds per page, your potential clients will get very impatient and visit your competitor’s website instead as a result. There are various graphics-optimization products out there that sell at decent prices and can help you ensure your graphics or photos are in compliance with the search engine requirements. Website pages will load much faster if your images are compressed.

It is most likely that your business website will contain more than one page. To help your visors get oriented quickly once they are on it, use a navigation bar, preferably at the top, so everyone can find the information they need right away. Make sure to include contact information such as a physical address, an email address, and a telephone number on a dedicated Contact page. Many people like to see that there is an option to speak with you promptly if they need to ask a question. The easier you make it for your clients to find you, the better you will be able to relieve their buyer’s anxiety and increase their trust in you and your brand.

Make sure your content is understandable and easy to read. Don’t make your paragraphs one-page long. Format your content in smaller “chunks” that are easier to grasp and accommodate various types of attention spans. The goal is to make people wish to come back to your website for more information that is very valuable yet easy to read and understand.

Avoid clutter on your website pages such as excessive advertising banners. Use up to 20% of the space for advertising if you’ve chosen to take that route. If more than 20% or 25% of your content is made of ads, your visitors will not stay on your website for a long time. To illustrate better, let’s take television as an example. Nobody wants to see continuous ads on TV, right? The same applies to any website.

Another consideration for customer experience enhancement is to make sure that all links on your website are working as intended. Broken links do not warrant happy clients, especially if they are interested in something and in a hurry to get and consume the information that the link is supposed to provide. Always test your outbound links right after you’ve published them.

Web hosting is another aspect worth discussing, especially when we are talking about a website that is representative of your business. Free hosting brings distracting ads to your website that does not make your website look professional at all. A much better solution is to pay for basic or professional hosting on a monthly basis to ensure that your business website looks presentable and will make people stay and want to do business with you.

If you know your target market really well, then you would be able to make an educated guess as to what details in the appearance are desirable, acceptable and appreciated by your audience. This is a very crucial aspect. If your design choice does not speak to your potential clients, they will not turn into real clients.

Always include a clearly visible tagline on each webpage in the domain and sub-domains. This slogan should be prominently displayed near the top of the page and be in bold text, so that visitors can’t miss it. The purpose of the tagline is so that they know what that page is about. This way the viewer can quickly decide whether to stay or move back to the previous page.

More often than not, website design can be quite time consuming if it is to be done properly, with the necessary attention to fine details. If you find it hard or even impossible to manage your time with regards to taking care of your clients and designing a business website at the same time, consider a few alternatives.

If you have little or no design experience and a limited budget, building a website is going to take longer than you originally expected. Fortunately, there are great solutions to this challenge.

Some marketers offer pre-designed website or web page templates that contain excellent features to make your site easy to get up and running. Such templates are customizable in terms of content and colors, so they can be easily made to match your business logo as closely as possible. Some more advanced templates include components that will ensure your website is in full compliance with the most recent requirements of the search engines, which will prompt the engines to boost your site’s authority in return.

Then there is the more expensive option, which is of course, custom design. The prices for high quality custom website design vary from $5,000 to as high as $100,000. This sounds pretty rough but it is reality. For this reason, it is in your best interest to find a small marketing business that consists of a team of 3-4 members who know their craft very well and will not make you stroke a six-figure check before they even touch your website. We hope this information was helpful.